Wednesday, September 20, 2017

HYA Mic Condenser

mic condenser , brand HYA

Friday, September 15, 2017

Zoo Animal Kit by 4-soldering

a complete zoo-themed kit that has everything you need to assemble a simple electronic system. With this kit, children will be introduced to the basic set of electronics, soldering, the opportunity to play with LEDs, batteries, and make funny animals on this kit as if live. This kit is perfect when used to explore and know the talents and interests of children in the field of electronics.

In this kit there are already variations of animals as follows:

- Llama
- Panda
- The lion
- Rabbit
- Sheep
- Giraffes

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Led Green (pure) Super Bright Water Clear 5mm

LED round type 5 mm.

  • - Color of light: yellow green (568 nm)
  • - Color lens: water clear
  • - Material: GaP
  • - Forward voltage: 2.3V @ If = 20mA
  • - Angle of beam: 20 degrees
  • - Lumination: 300mCd @ If = 20mA
  • 100 mA current
  • 2.3VDC power supply - 2.6VDC
  • Yellow Green light color
  • Water Clear lens color
  • 5 mm lens diameter
  • GaP basic materials
  • Light angle of 20 degrees
  • Light brightness 300 mCd (@ if20mA)

Thursday, September 07, 2017

C1632VYC SMD1206 Led Yellow Super Bright

SMD 1206 LED with yellow light color

  • 20 mA current
  • 2VDC power supply
  • Yellow light color
  • Water Clear lens color
  • The angle of light beam 140
  • The brightness of light is 595 mcd

Led Yellow Super Bright Diffused 5mm

LED round type 5 mm.

  • 30 mA current
  • 2.1VDC power supply - 2.4VDC
  • Yellow light color
  • Yellow diffused lens color
  • 5 mm lens diameter
  • The basic ingredients of AlGaInP
  • The beam angle of light is 40 degrees
  • Lightness of 200 mCd (@ if20mA)

Led Yellow Super Bright Diffused 3mm

LED round type 3 mm

- Color of light: ultra bright yellow (586 nm)
- Color lens: yellow diffused
- Material: AlGaInP
- Forward voltage: 2.1V @ If = 20mA
- Angle of Beam: 60 degrees
- Lumination: 200mCd @ If = 20mA

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Adaptor Switching 12V / 1.5A

adapter / power supply that can convert voltage across the range 100 ~ 240 VAC to 12 VDC voltage with maximum current output of 1.5 A.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

TM-2239 22 inch LCD Touch Monitor

TM-2239 is an LCD with touch panel designed to be easily integrated into kiosk machines, game console machines, visitor information machines, and other devices requiring LCD panels with integrated touchscreen features. TM-2239 uses a touchscreen panel with Surface Acoustive Wave (SAW) technology and meets IP65 standards that are resistant to water and dust.
TM-2239 features combo controller from Leadingtouch with dual port for user flexibility and convenience. It allows you to use the RS-232 and USB serial ports for touchscreen applications on the LCD.

- Display Width: 22 inch
- Screen Type: TFT
- Color Depth: 16 million colors
- Screen Ratio: 16: 10
- Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz
- Touchscren: Yes, with Surface Acoustive Wave (SAW) technology
- Pixel Distance: 0.282 x 0.282 mm
- Response Time: 5 ms
- Contrast Ratio: 1000: 1
- Backlight Resilience: 50,000 hours
- Video Input: VGA and DVI
- Touch Interface: RS-232 and USB Combo
- Touch Response: 10 ms
- Power Supply: 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
- Power Consumption: 31 W
- Dimensions: 530 x 352 x 79.4 (mm)

Current Transformer 200A with Clamp

a flip-up current transformer capable of holding a primary current load of up to 200 amperes. This type of transformer is commonly used in power calibrator devices, power measurement devices, industrial machine control circuits, and so forth.

- Primary Flow: 200 A (max)
- Secondary Current: 50 mA
- Primary / Secondary Flow Rate: 2000 Ts
- Resistance: 60 ohms
- Peak Error: 1%
- Housing: ABS
- Bobbin: PBT
- Core: Ferrite

Loctite 248

Loctite 248 is a liquid / gel threadlocker with medium locking strength packed in "stick" packaging making it comfortable and easy to carry anywhere. Loctite 248 serves as a security that will memngunci and minimize the occurrence of connection loosen between the nuts, bolts, and screws when there is shock or collision. This product works perfectly against all types of metals, including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and metal plate.

- Technology: Acrylic
- Chemical composition: Dimethacrylate ester
- Form of Packaging: Stick
- Strength: Medium
- Cure: Anaerobic
- Applications: Threadlocking for nuts, bolts, screws, etc.


Universal Wheel

Is a wheel with a diameter of 50 mm, hole 6 mm shaft, and thickness of 10 mm tires. This wheel is protected by a layer of rubber on the outside, thus minimizing the occurrence of slippage when the object is moving. This wheel is perfect when applied to the wheeled / mobile robot.

- Diameter: 50 mm
- Thickness: 10 mm
- Shaft hole: 6 mm
- Material: Plastic

Note: In the sales package only consists of 1 pcs of wheels only

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

ME-SP330B Digital LED Thermometer Panel Meter, Blue, 3 1/2 digit, 0.56 inch

The ME-SP330B is a digital thermometer variant that you can use to measure the temperature of household appliances, offices, computer rooms, and vehicles. The ME-SP330B features built-in temperature sensors but can still be expanded by adding an external probe to enhance its capabilities. By adding an external probe, you can reach more specific materials, such as measuring the temperature of a chemical liquid, a water heater, an AC housing temperature, and so on.

- Working Voltage: 12 V
- Measuring range: 0 ° C ~ 60 ° C (internal), -24 ° C ~ 125 ° C (external probe)
- Accuracy: 2 ° C (internal), 1 ° C (external probe)
- Response: 0.5 seconds
- Display: 3 digit seven segment 0.56 "+ 1 digit seven segment 0.39"
- Color of Light: Blue

12 V power supply
Auto-brightness feature
Number of digits 3 digits + 1 digit

Terminal block 9 pin w/o wall

9-pin block terminal with black housing.

  • Terminal type Terminal block
  • Shape (female / male) Female
  • Number of pins 9
  • Mounting DIP
  • Copper Alloy contact material

Bobbin CPH-ETD29-1S-13P

Is a 13 pin bobbin made of PBT + glass main material. Suitable applied to voltage or current transformer.
The full specifications can be found at

7 Segment 3 Digits 0.56" Ultra Bright Green Color Common Cathoda tipe L

Represents seven segment 3 digits with 0.56 inch wide panel. This seven segment panel has a common L-type cathode configuration and is able to emit green light. Seven segment you can use as indicator timer / counter, I / O device for microcontroller, digital speedometer indicator, and many more.

  • Green color
  • Dimensions of 0.56 inches
  • Number of digits 3
  • common cathode

Saturday, August 26, 2017

KS100 100amp TRIAC

The triac is capable of passing a current of 100A. Often used for DC / AC Motor Controller, AC Controller, Induction Motor, etc

  • Triac Type
  • Voltage - off state / vdrm -
  • Voltage -gate trigger / vgt 2.5V
  • Current - gate trigger / igt 150 mA
  • Rms on-state current / itrms 100 A


SFH4550 infra red sensor

SFH4550 is an infrared emitter from Osram Semiconductor with a power of 180 mW and a wavelength of 860 nm. SFH4550 is very suitable when applied to data transmission, infrared sensors, smoke detectors, and infrared illumination on the camera.

- Wavelength: 860 nm
- Radiation Intensity: 700 mW / sr
- Angle of Beam: 6 degrees
- Power: 180 mW
- Current: 100 mA
- Working Voltage: 1.5 V
- Voltage: 5 V
- Color Illumination: Infrared
- Lens Dimensions: 5.1 x 5.1 x 7.8 mm
- Working Temperature: -40 ° C - 100 ° C
- Packaging: T-1 3/4

Encoder Disc-Metal

Is a disc for a rotary encoder sensor with a diameter of 34 mm. This disc is most suitable to be applied with rotary encoder sensors for motor position and speed control applications, robotics, and industrial machine automation systems.

- Material: Metals
- Thickness: 1 mm
- Diameter of the Disc: 34 mm
- Diameter of Mounting Hole: 3 mm

Ball Caster Wheel Jumbo

It is a ball caster made of full-metal material, so it is more sturdy in supporting the load. Ball caster is equipped with omni-directional wheels that can move in a direction, making it ideal when used as a neutral wheel on the robot.

- Basic Platform Diameter: 38.2 mm
- Diameter of Ball Caster: 21.3 mm
- Wheel Height: 22.8 mm
- Mounting holes: 3 pieces @ 3.4 mm

Transformator 350mA 12V

Represents step-down voltage transformer with output current 350 mA. The transformer has a choice of 120/240 VAC input input and a selectable 3 / 4.5 / 7.5 / 9/12 VAC voltage output according to your needs.

  • Primary input voltage 120/240 VAC
  • Secondary output voltage 3 / 4.5 / 7.5 / 9/12 VAC
  • Max output current of 350 mA

Friday, August 25, 2017

RF-300FA-12350 Spindle Motor for DVD CD Player 5.9VDC

DC spindle motor for CD or DVD player device. This motor works on a voltage of 5.9 V and capable of producing rotation up to 3500 rpm speed.


  • Working voltage 1.5 - 6 V
  • Consumption of no-load current 22 mA
  • The current consumption is 93 mA
  • Maximum torque is 4.9 g / cm
  • Maximum rotation speed 3500 rpm

Thursday, August 24, 2017

chip 3844B SO8 SMD

3844B is a PWM controller IC designed for application on off-line converter circuit and dc-dc converter. 3844B is manufac- tured integrated with oscillator, temperature compensation, high gain error amplifier, current sensor comparator, as well as high-end totem-pole output, is ideal when used as a MOSFET controller.


TDS-3 Digital Water Quality Tester

TDS-3 is a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measuring device in a liquid. This device will measure the content of minerals, salts, and dissolved metals in a liquid in units of PPM (Part Per Milions). The greater the concentration of TDS in a liquid the greater the potential danger of health problems for humans. The maximum concentration of TDS in a liquid / water that is humanly feasible is 500 PPM. TDS-3 is perfect for research, laboratory, outdoor browsing, water quality control, and so on.

- Measuring range: 0 - 990 PPM
- Resolution: 1 PPM
- Accuracy: ± 2%
- Power Supply: Battery @ 3V
- Dimensions: 155 x 31 x 23 mm

RFID antenna cable SMA Male to SMA Male Length 306.3 cm

Extension cable for RFID antenna with cable length 306.3 cm and equipped with 2 male SMA connectors on each end of the cable.

VA-91 Embedded RFID Antenna

The VA-91 is an RFID antenna that works at 902-928 MHz (UHF) frequencies. This antenna is capable of generating a gain of 2 dBi with VSWR 1.5. This antenna has dimensions of 70 x 50 x 4 mm and equipped with type connector MMCX (customizable).

  • Dimensions 70 x 50 x 4 mm
  • Working frequency 902 - 928 MHz
  • Voltage standing wave ratio (vswr) 1.5
  • The input impedance is 50 Ohm
  • Gain 2 dBi

MLF2012A4R7K Inductor Multilayer 4.7uH 0805

It is a multilayer inductor with cores made of ferrite material. This inductor has an inductance value of 4.7 μH, a tolerance of 10%, and is packaged in SMD 0805 packaging.

  • Inductance 4.7 μH

MLK1005S4N7S SMD Inductors 4.7 NH

Inductor SMD with inductance value 4.7 nH and tolerance ± 0.3 nH. This inductor is packaged in SMD 0402 packaging.

  • Inductance 4.7 nH

MLK1005S5N6D SMD Inductors 5.6 NH

SMD inductors with inductance values of 5.6 nH and tolerance of ± 0.5 nH. This inductor is packaged in SMD 0402 packaging.

  • Inductance 5.6 nH

S9008 Fresnel Lens

S9008 is specially designed fresnel lens to be applied to infrared passive sensor (PIR). This lens can define light with a 120 degree angle of light and can reach objects with a distance of up to 8 meters.

- Overall Dimension: 22.8 mm
- Lens Size: 17.28 mm
- Focal Length: 15.5 mm
- Reach: 8m
- Angle of Beam: 120 °

Inductor Multilayer 1uH 0805 20%

Multilayer inductors with 1 μH inductance and 20% tolerance. This inductor is packaged in 0805 SMD pack.

  • Inductance 1 μH

DC motor HYX030-P5

HYX030-P5 is a DC motor equipped with a gearbox ratio of 1:40. This motor work at voltage level 3 - 6 VDC and able to produce maximum torque output 5 with rotation speed 100 - 230 RPM. This motor is very suitable for robotics applications.

  • Working voltage 3 - 6 VDC
  • Consumption of no-load current 100 - 350 mA
  • Maximum torque of 5
  • The maximum rotation speed is 230 RPM
  • Gear box Yes
  • 1:40 gear box comparison

A4 High-Quality Transparent Printing Film for Making PCBs

Transparent high quality film with A4 size (210 x 297 mm). This film is specially designed as a printing media PCB layout.

- Kind of movie
- Color: Transparent
- Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm (A4)

GA031 Carbon Monoxide and Combustible Gas Detector

A gas sensor device that serves to detect and warn the user if carbon monoxide, propane and methane are indicated in a level beyond the tolerance / potentially harmful to the user. This device uses carbon monoxide sensors and high-tech catalytic sensors to produce accurate gas detection and backlit LCD coupling to display readable gas levels. This device can work on a voltage of 110 - 220 VAC and supports a rechargeable 9V back-up battery.

- Working Voltage: 110 - 220 VAC @ 50 - 60 Hz / 9 VDC
- Working Temperature: 0 ° C - 50 ° C
- Work Moisture: 10% - 95% RH
- Alarm Level: 150 ppm ± 50 (CO), 5000 ppm ± 1500 (combusite gas)
- Indicator: LED and alarm
- Display: Backlit LCD
- Dimensions: 118.5 x 82 x 43 mm

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Terminal block pluggable 2 pin Male pitch 3.50mm

Pluggable 2 pin (male) block terminals with pitch distance of 3.5 mm. Terminal block is able to work at a maximum voltage of 300 VAC and current of 12 A.

  • Terminal type Terminal block
  • Male (male / female) form
  • 3.5 mm pitch
  • Pin number 2 Pin
  • Mounting DIP
  • Copper Alloy contact material
  • Flow 12 A
  • UL94V-0 packaging materials

Terminal block pluggable 2 pin Female pitch 3.50mm

Pluggable 2 pin terminals (female) with pin spacing (pitch) of 3.5 mm. Terminal block is able to work at a maximum voltage of 300 VAC and current of 12 A.

  • Terminal type Terminal block
  • Shape (female / male) Female
  • 3.5 mm pitch
  • Pin number 2 Pin
  • Mounting DIP
  • Copper Alloy contact material
  • Flow 12 A (max)
  • UL94V-0 packaging materials

EYGA091202DM PGS 17uM Therma Interface Film

PGS (Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet) is a very thin synthetic heat absorption layer, has high thermal conductivity, and is made from high quality Graphite Polymer Film material that can absorb heat quickly and efficiently. PGS is ideal for heat management and absorption applications in electronics components of varying sizes, because PGS is so thin and flexible that it can be cut according to the size of the electronics component to be absorbed by heat.

- Density: 2.10 g / cm cubic
- Thickness: 0.017 ± 0.005 mm
- Thermal Conductivity: 1850 W / (m.k)
- Electric Conductivity: 20000 S / cm
- Extensional Power: 40 MPa
- Heat Resistance: 400 ° C
- bending: 10,000 cycles

DIP Switch IC 1 position

DIP Switch 1 position with maximum working voltage 25 V and current 25 mA. Information on the drawing / full dimensions can be seen in the datasheet.

  • Pin number 2 Pin
  • Configure SPST
  • Type DIP Switch
  • On - Off Logic

Friday, August 18, 2017

Bio-ML10D Fingerprint Lock

Bio-ML10D is a smart door lock that has been integrated with fingerprint scanner / fingerprint scanner technology. This device is designed with the concept of DIY (Do It Yourself) so that users can install and modify the device easily because in technical installation does not require complicated wiring. This device uses a German-standard mortise with a hook and a latch in it.

- Use the latest generation of fingerprint identification algorithms
- Sleek, sleek, and compact design
- using a German-standard mortise with a hook and a latch in it.
- User data will remain in memory even if the power supply is turned off
- Equipped with infrared sensor - touch to open
- Equipped with emergency locks
- Equipped with buzzer and LED indicator
- Equipped with a back-up power supply terminal for 9 V batteries
- Equipped with low battery notification
- Easy to set up and use
- Simple cabling
- Supports 3 types of users - Admin, Normal Users and Temporary Users

- Power Supply: 4x AA battery @ 6 VDC
- Material: Zinc Alloy
- User Capacity: 10 admins, 60 casual users, 20 temporary users
- Working Temperature: 0 ° C - 45 ° C
- Emergency Lockscrew: Mechanical Lock and 9V Battery
- Dimensions: 69 × 155 × 35 mm (front) / 69 × 155 × 25 mm (rear)

AD70032 1.382 ppm Calibration Solution 20ml

AD70032 is a calibration fluid for Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) meters. The calibration liquid has a particle concentration of 1382 ppm and 20 ml net and packed in sachet packs that are very easy to carry anywhere. This fluid serves to calibrate the probe on the TDS meter so that the reading results match the fluid characteristics to be measured.

- Net: 20 ml
- Concentration: 1382 ppm
- Condition / Parameter: 25 ° C / 77 ° C
- Weight: 43.8 gr

AD70031 1.413 uS/cm Calibration Solution 20ml

AD70031 is a calibration fluid for conductivity meter device. This calibration fluid has a particle concentration of 1413 μS / cm and 20 mm net, and is packed in sachet packaging making it easy to carry anywhere.

- Net: 20 ml
- Concentration: 1413 μS / cm
- Condition / Parameter: 25 ° C / 77 ° F
- Weight: 21.6 gr

CT-8022 Digital ORP Redox Meter

CT-8022 Digital ORP Redox Meter is a versatile ORP measurement device that can be used to measure the acidity (pH) and redox (oxidation reduction) of a liquid. This device will display the ORP and temperature values ​​in a stimultaneous way through the available LCD panels. It is stable, accurate and easy to use, making it ideal for applications in the fields of chemistry, medicine, electronics, food, animal husbandry, and industry.

- Working Voltage: 6 V
- Display: LCD
- Measuring range: ± 1200 mV
- Accuracy: 1 mV
- Resolution: 1 mV
- Working Temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C
- Correction: 2:00 auto correction (calibrated by the manufacturer, so it can be directly used by the user)
- Dimensions: 188 x 38 mm
- Equipped with auto-shutdown feature (10 minutes) to save power usage
- Equipped with a low battery reminder indicator
- Equipped with celenius converter to farenheit
- Equipped with portable box so easy to carry everywhere

Thursday, August 17, 2017

MTL-S070-D-ODROIDX 7inch MTLD Package for ODROID-X/X2

MTL-S070-D-ODROIDX is a LCD display compatible with mini PC ODROID X / X2. The LCD has a panel width of 7 "with an optimum WSVGA resolution (1024 x 600) .This LCD panel also features touch screen and multi-touch capabilities that support up to 10 different touch points.In addition to the sales package has also been accompanied by an anti coating Additional scratches that work to protect your LCD panel from unwanted scratches.

- Type: Capacitive
- Screen Width: 7 inches
- Resolution: 1024 x 600
- Multi touch: Yes, up to 10 touch points
- LCD Driver: Yes, available in sales package
- Compatibility: ODROID X / X2

- 1x Touchsccreen LCD panel
- 1x LCD Driver
- 1x Flat cable
- 1x Extra scratch coating