Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ceramic Capacitor 4.7pF 50V C0G smd 0603

Ceramic capacitor 4.7pF with SMD 0603 packaging and has temperature coefficient of NP0 / C0G.

  • 4.7pF capacitance
  • Voltage 50V
  • Tolerance +/- 0.25pF


BH1750FVI-TR Ambient light sensors

This component is an ambient light sensor that uses IC BH1750FVI-TR (serial 16 bit digital output type).
This component is widely used for applications related to mobile phones, LCD TVs or LCD displays, portable gaming machines, digital cameras, digital video cameras and PDAs.

Here are some of its features:
- I2C bus interface (f / s mode support)
- Spectrum response approaching human eye response.
- Converter light to digital data.
- Has a wide range and high resolution (1 - 65535 lx).
More details can be seen in the datasheet here

chip 4049 SECS-16 5.30mm

CMOS Hex Buffer / Converters

  • Power supply 3V TO 15V
  • SOIC-16 Packaging
  • CMOS Hex Buffer / Converters function
  • Propagation delay 60 ns (TYP @ 5V)
  • Level of CMOS i / o voltage


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

LED Driver 1 W for Luxeon White Green Blue

Luxeon White Green Blue LED driver with output power of 1W. This module can adjust the intensity of LED light (up to 4 pieces of Luxeon 1W LEDs strung series) using PWM.

- Power supply: 7 - 15 VDC
- Preset current: 285mA
- Ripple current: 4mA RMS, 26mA p-p
- Efficiency: 73% @ 12V, with 3 LED Luxeon 1W series strung
- Features: Hysteresis PFM control scheme, UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out), LED open / short-circuit protection, thermal protection.


KTSC22 Green Knob For Tactile Switch MTS-1103D

Knob Tactile Switch for MTS-1103D type
- Diameter: ± 1.3cm
- High button only: ± 6mm
- Overall height: ± 9mm

DAC5571IDBVT chip

8-bit Digital to Analog Converter.

  • Power supply 2.7V - 5.5V
  • packaging SOT-23 6pin
  • I2C interface
  • 8-bit Resolution
  • number of channels 1 8-bit output channel
  • Data conversion time 188 KSPS
  • accuracy +/- 0.5% LSB


Box Battery 4xAA with switch

Box Battery 4xAA with switch
4xAA battery pack that has been equipped with switches

Friday, February 09, 2018

Switching Adaptor 19V/5A

Switching adapter with output voltage of 19V and 5A current.

- Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC @ 50/60 hz
- Input Flow: 1.2A - 0.6A
- Output Voltage: 19V
- Output Current: 5.2A

Box Battery 2xAA with switch

2xAA size battery pack that has been equipped with switches


SMD capacitor with capacitance value of 68pF. This capacitor has a packaging size of SMD 0805.

  • Capacitance 68pF
  • Voltage 50V
  • 5% Tolerance